A Picture is Worth a Million Words

It's said that a picture is worth a million words. When it comes to renting out your room or place I think it's closer to billion words.

It's doesn't matter how good your description is, if you don't have at least 10 pictures you are missing out.

  1. Take multiple pictures of every space. It hard for people to really understand to the scale of a room from just one picture. One picture can be deceiving, but multiple pictures can give your potential guest a idea of the space. That way they know what they are getting into and wont' have unrealistic expectations of what they are renting.

  2. Take pictures of your garden or of beautiful spots in your house. I can't even count how many people have told me that they booked a room in my house because of the pictures I added of my living room. The living room, the space where they won't spend much time in. They tell me that they loved the way my living room was decorated and felt comfortable booking a room with me because of it.

If you have a beautiful outside area that is a great place to have lots of pictures of. Many people travel in your area in the warmer season and will want to spend some time outside. Plus pictures of a beautiful outdoor area just makes your home feel welcoming.

  1. Take pictures of the amenities that you include. A lot of people will ask if I provide towels, so I put towels out on the bed and took pictures of them. I let people use my punching bag and trampoline, so I added pictures of those. I could say that I have a trampoline and leave it at that, but a picture is better. I have a super deluxe, safe trampoline. People wouldn't know this by me just telling them. The picture shows them what to expect. I could have a 10 year old sagging trampoline and that's what a guest might expect if I didn't have a picture of my super awesome trampoline.

So take pictures. Lots of pictures. I have never seen a listing where I thought there were too many pictures. But I have seen plenty that I have wished they had more.

Handmade Reclaimed wood Coatrack Dresser with water and cup for guests

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