Cutting Out the Middleman

Imagine that you work for a company that gives a referral bonus for everyone that you refer who gets hired. Imagine that you talk one of your friends into leaving their job and they get hired at the company you work for. Granite it wasn't a lot of work, but it did take your time and effort. Then your company says, we aren't going to give you your bonus. How would you feel? You facilitated that hire and they wouldn't be there without you. I would feel hurt, angry, and betrayed.

This is what people are doing when they find a place to stay on Airbnb, homestay, ect. and they find a way to then conduct the transaction themselves. Those sites did work to build that website, to maintain it, and to connect hosts and guests together.

Cutting Out the Middleman

It seriously miffs me when hosts do this. Seriously? Sites like these are giving you some extra income. You don't have to advertise, you don't have to verify people, or go through taking their money. Plus they insure your house and guests while they are in your home. If you feel like what they are doing is worth nothing, then go find people on craigslist to rent your space. Except your not because that would take work on your part and it's not as safe as going through the service.

I've never gone around the service. But twice after the guests had stayed with me, they came back asking if they could stay longer and not use Airbnb. I thought, I know these people and they seem good. Airbnb has already made their money off of them and me. The first time went great, the next time was a nightmare. I had to call the police on the lady. Because she was no longer staying with me through Airbnb, Airbnb couldn't help me. After that I vowed never to go around the service again. Some guests are unhappy with this, but it's for my protection and their protection.

Don't be greedy. These sites do work and they deserve their share. Weather or not they are taking too much is a different conversation. Even if you feel that they are taking more than they deserve, that doesn't give you the right to take what they offer and not pay them for it.

BnB Lady

I'm Colleen, and I've been doing Airbnb for over 2 years. There are guests that I have loved and guests that I just can't wait to get out of my house. I've learned a lot from trial and error. It's a great way to earn extra income and I'm here to share my experience so I can help others make some great passive income.

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