Fish and Houseguests Smell after Three Days

Like a college roommate, long stay guests can be awesome or a horror. There have been guests who I have loved and when they leave I am sad. Then there are guests that I can't down the days until they leave. There was one guest that booked for 3 months and after a month she was so horrible that i had to call the police on her.

I would say that I have like %50 of my long term guests. My suggestion to having success with the long term guests is to message them before you accept them and ask them about their lifestyle and layout yours. However, this does not always mean you will get a honest answer. I have had guests lie to me.

Fishy smell

It can also be as small of a thing of how hot you like the house. I have had multiple guests want the heater on blasting. They run around in shorts and a tank top in the middle of winter, and expect me to have the heat on full blast so they don't get cold. Needless to say, this pisses me off, and it makes for resentment on both sides. Not a fun envirnment to live in.

I have had guests who never leave the house and spend a majority of their time making food from scratch in my kitchen. Which is fine, but it can get old when this goes on for months and it makes using your own kitchen hard. Not every guest has been like this. We had a frenchman stay with us for many months. He often worked from his room, and cooked most of his meals in the kitchen. But he was super respectful and didn't make long eleborate meals, so we all worked well together. Of course he super cleaned up after himself after cooking which I really appricated. A lot of guests will clean up their food and plates, but leave crumbs and junk all over your counter for you to clean.

A plus to long stays is that you only have to go in to their room once a week or so to vacuum and change the sheets. This is something you want to do. I have had guests who stayed for months and when they left the room still looked amazing. But I have also had guests that stayed for months and ruined the furniture, had stains all over the carpet, and left evidence of bodily fluid everywhere. It best to go in and reset the room everyonce and awhile.

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