Sweat the Small Stuff

Details are everything when being a bnb host. The nicer you keep your house, the more perceived value your room has... meaning you can charge more.

I like to roll up my guest towels, put them in a basket, and leave them on my guest's bed for when they check in. My guests are never in doubt of where the towels are and it looks adorable.


Tip: When I first started I constantly had guests asking me if towels were included. I made sure that when I took pictures of my rooms that the towels were prominent in the pictures. After that, I didn’t have to answer any more questions about if I provided towels for my guests.

Once I visited a bed and breakfast and I forgot toothpaste. I asked my host if they had some. They did, and I was very grateful. Then when I went to check out, I saw they had charged me $10 for a tube of toothpaste!!! For that price I would have waited till the next day to get to a store to buy some. I like to have a basket full of toiletries for my guest's convenience. Some things I have taken home with me from hotel stays. Others things, like toothpaste, I buy travel sized containers from Amazon so I always have one if a guest needs it. This is, of course, a tiny detail it is but one that guests super appreciate.

I also like to leave water and a glass next to their bed. I’m not big on plastic, so I bought a glass bottle to put water in for my guests. I also judge that it looks classier than a plastic water bottle.


One airbnb I stayed in the host left pastries in our room. I loved it!!! It was great to check in from a long trip and be able to snack on something. I personally don’t do that, because if I did, my kids would be sneaking into my guest rooms to eat them. ;-)

One thing that is super easy to do and your guests will love is to have a coffee and tea bar. I personally like to make coffee and tea for my guests. The bar was nice when I wasn't home, or a guest was going to be leaving super early in the morning and I wasn't able to get out of bed that early.


The details are what make your guest feel welcomed. It differentiates your bnb from the bnb down the street. It takes a little extra time and money, but it is worth it!

BnB Lady

I'm Colleen, and I've been doing Airbnb for over 2 years. There are guests that I have loved and guests that I just can't wait to get out of my house. I've learned a lot from trial and error. It's a great way to earn extra income and I'm here to share my experience so I can help others make some great passive income.

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