Your House Can Pay For Your Vacation

That's right. You read it right. I've always felt like the best airbnb experiences I have is when i'm not home.

I recently went to Latvia and I rented out my home for the time I was gone. Instead of renting rooms, I rented out the whole house. I changed my listing to reflect that and put in a competitive price. It was booked for a week while I was gone. Now I could have rented it out the other week but I didn't. I have done this in the past and it never works out well. Finding someone to clean and reset your house for the next guest is extremely hard. Turns out that most people are incompetent. My worst reviews have come after I had someone else reset the house. So I choose not to have anyone do it for me. If you find someone who is competent please let me know.

The best part of it is you clean your house top to bottom before you leave and if you had good guests, (Which I always have,) your house is still clean when you get back. I do know about you, but I LOVE coming home to a clean house. And you made money. It's always nice going on vacation knowing that you are making money while you are gone.



Book your vacation as soon as possible. I.E if you are going for two weeks or more. Europeans tend to book months in advance. The sooner you get your listing up for your dates, the more likely it is that you will have someone renting you house.

Have a competitive rate. That way people are more likely to book.

Screen your guest before you accept them. They will have the run of your house while you are gone. I like to talk to the person beforehand and check all of their other reviews before I accept them.

Go on your vacation and have fun. Your house will be fine.

BnB Lady

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